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The current economic climate has made it necessary for us to watch the way we spend our money, which means not filling our wardrobe with new outfits. This, of course, can be a problem, especially for those who are constantly active. There are many ways to work out both indoors and outdoors. You could cycle, jog, run, snowshoe, hunt, fish, walk, or simply lift weights. Activewear gives you the ability to accent your current outfits without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe.

Our products are ideal for those who find themselves needing to exercise, and of course needing to stow their belongings. Sometimes it just happens to be the little things that make exercise more doable in today’s world, and convenience is often one of the little things. A product that is flexible, washable, and able to take certain responsibilities off your hands? That’s a product you simply cannot put a price on -- except you can.

Our products appeal to your sense of style as well as your sense of everyday responsibility. We bring you the best of the best in terms of athletic products for both functionality and quality. It’s a new world out there, take advantage of it.


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Active Accents are becoming one of the hottest most popular sports apparel accessories on the market today. People need convenience and style for their cell phones and music players. More colors and styles to come.