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  • Car Keys

    Keep Your Car Keys Safe With Your Active Accent


  • For Extra Safety Let Your Dog Carry Your Running Belt

          Everybody knows the health benefits of getting some physical exercise. That does not necessarily mean spending hours at the gym or taking part in marathon events. Even...


  • How To Burn The Most Calories While Jogging

        When people take up exercising as part of a weight loss program, they are keen to burn as many calories as possible while jogging, for example. The act of jogging will use up...


  • Use Active Accents Running Belt While Biking

          Biking is one of those activities that the entire family can enjoy. Whether you are biking for pleasure or as part of a get fit routine, you can cover quite long...


  • Skiing With Your Running Belt

          There are lots of sports that you will get the maximum enjoyment out of if you have all the right gear, and skiing is just one of these. For example, if you do not have...


  • Cycling For Fitness - Active Accents Belt

        Cycling is a great way to get exercise that improves your health. One of its biggest benefits is that it's far less stressful on the joints than running, or even walking. Each...


  • Is Jogging Worth the Time?

        In a time where mobile communication is a must, jogging may seem like an activity that cannot be fit in to your schedule. Not wanting to miss that important phone call or...


  • Active Accents Fitness Belts – Secure Storage Wherever You Are

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you don’t really have anywhere to store things like your keys; wallet or purse; mobile phone, and etc? Sure, if you are at home or...


  • Keeping Your Valuables Safe While Exercising

    As you have no doubt noticed, the market is literally awash with a mind-boggling variety of fitness accessories. Admittedly, there are many of these accessories which are in fact very...


  • Why Invest In a Good Running Belt

    There often seems to be a bit of confusion when people talk about a running belt. The reason for this being, some people mistaking assume that a running belt is the sort of belt which you...


  • Five Running Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Property

    There’s something special about running or jogging outdoors. You can change your course at any time while taking in the sights and sounds around you. Since running is an individual...


  • The Belt for an Active Lifestyle

    Active Accents isn't just a belt for athletes. This great belt can help you in just about any situation where you are on the move. Store your fishing license and wallet, waitresses can...



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Active Accents are becoming one of the hottest most popular sports apparel accessories on the market today. People need convenience and style for their cell phones and music players. More colors and styles to come.