Active Accents

  • Car Keys

    Keep Your Car Keys Safe With Your Active Accent

  • Credit Cards

    You Can Keep Your Credit Cards Protected With Your Active Accent

  • Phone

    Your Active Accent Will Keep Your Phone Secure While You Are Working Out

  • Money

    Keep Your Cash Safe With Your Active Accent

  • iPod/MP3 Player

    Keep Your Tunes Secure With Your Active Accent So That You Can Enjoy Them


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Working out can take many forms. If you're a person of any age who is leading an active lifestyle, you're probably always concerned with the best way to take your credit cards, your passport or other items with you. Active Accents are the perfect answer to that problem.

If you're leading an active lifestyle you may be engaged in  many different activities. You may cycle, jog, run, snowshoe, hunt, fish, walk, or simply lift weights. We bring you the best of the best in terms of athletic products for both functionality and quality. Not to mention that they are stylish and lightweight


"The world is constantly changing. You can't pause life. People are always on the move, and we want you to be able to bring your belongings with you. So if you train hard in the gym, live an active life, or like to travel, then grab an Active Accent fitness belt so all you're worrying about is what adventure comes next." - Our Company Purpose






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Active Accents are becoming one of the hottest most popular sports apparel accessories on the market today. People need convenience and style for their cell phones and music players. More colors and styles to come.